Ginbot 7 Popular Force fundraising task-force in Norway

August 14, 2013

Ethiopia and its citizens have never been endangered and humiliated as under the rule of the woyane junta. The current problem of the country and its people is not only a question of lack of basic human rights, but it is a matter of life and death to the people and existence of Ethiopia as a sovereign country.

Ginbot 7 Popular Force fundraising

To fight the enemy which is responsible for the aforementioned situation and avert the danger, Ethiopians are wedging armed struggle and this is increasingly becoming the only and appropriate alternative.

Hence, Ginbot 7 Popular Force (G7PF) is established by freedom-loving Ethiopians, comprising youngsters, intellectuals and others. The main objectives of this force, as described on its website, are contributing to make the Ethiopian people owner of political power and establishing strong, sovereign and democratic Ethiopia. G7PF is working to remove TPLF by force and to create a peaceful transition period enabling establishment of non-partisan and constitutional defense, police, security, judiciary, etc. institutions which are crucial for a healthy playground for different political parties aspiring power in the country.

Among the current G7PF members are many intellectuals who joined this force abandoning their relatively comfortable living, families and professional jobs. This is one of the advantages of the G7PF compared to traditional armed struggles in Ethiopia where mainly farmers and other non-intellectuals are the main components of foot soldiers. Thus, the struggle of Ginbot 7 Popular Force gets skillful leadership on the ground and its members at the front properly understand why and whom they are fighting for and paying sacrifices.

Appreciating the efforts and the good intentions of G7PF, we Ethiopians in Norway have decided to support the force and established ad hoc committee (taskforce) mandated to coordinate a one-time fundraising in Oslo. As from the date of its establishment the taskforce is working on various activities and scheduled 28th of September, 2013 the date for the grand fundraising event in Oslo.

During this event, on 28 of Sep., 2013, representatives of the G7PF leadership will be present and the program of the event comprises, discussions, fundraising and entertaining activities.

Therefore, the taskforce herewith kindly invite all Ethiopians and other nationals both from Norway and neighboring countries to take part in this event and support G7PF.

Freedom, justice and democracy to all Ethiopians!

Ethiopia shall prevail!

Ginbot 7 Popular Force fundraising coordinating ad hoc committee in Norway

August 14, 2013, Norway, Oslo

posted by Aseged Tamene


About Aseged Tamene
Your rights are your security. When you, 'give up your rights for security", it's not security you get, but slavery.'

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