Top 8 Reasons for Ethiopia’s Poverty

by elias » Today, 16:06

Natural and human resources-rich Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Most of its people live in an obscene poverty. Ethiopian Review‘s Policy Research Center has identified the following 8 reasons:

1. Lack of freedom – The U.S./E.U.-financed regime in Ethiopia is a brutal dictatorship that is making the country a hell on earth for most of the people. Ethiopia’s prisons are filled with journalists, opposition politicians and dissidents.

2. Foreign aid – The United States and European Union give the corrupt/brutal dictatorship in Ethiopia over $3 billion dollars per year in foreign aid. Some of this money is being used to fuel the regime’s machinery of repression and the rest is being stolen by the ruling junta’s officials. One of the reasons Ethiopians are unable to free themselves from the corrupt junta is because of the massive financial, political and diplomatic assistance that it receives from China, the U.S. and E.U.

3. Corruption – The entire political, religious and business leadership in Ethiopia is odiously, incredibly corrupt. Lying, stealing, and looting have become the norm in the country under the leadership of the tribal junta.

4. Brain drain – There are more Ethiopian physicians in the Washington DC are than in the whole of Ethiopia. The political leadership makes it impossible for Ethiopian professionals to succeed in their own country. So they go into exile the first opportunity they get.

5. Illiteracy – The government spends a minuscule amount of money on education. As a result, Ethiopia suffers from a high illiteracy rate.

6. Capital flight – Officials of the tribal junta that is ruling the Ethiopia are looting the country and taking the plunder into their bank accounts in the U.S. and other countries.

7. Stupidity – Ethiopia is being ruled by a bunch of stupid people. One example: Listen how one of their police chiefs conducts himself >>

8. Greedy – Insatiable greed for money and power pervades the Ethiopian ruling class. It is this greed that drives them to want to stay in power for as long as they can no matter what the consequences are and no matter how many people they butcher and brutalize.


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